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Building Your Brand…

We help clients deliver their messages with consistency across multiple platforms, strategically pulsed for consistency, retention and ROI.

We design everything from websites to learning labs, from podcasts to webisodes, we create incentive contests, games and assessments, even print campaigns and voice mail messages with impact…. Alignment will help you find the right tactics and solutions for your communications challenge.

Communication Campaigns

We take a long-term view of your year and all the activities and events that will have an impact on the people you are determined to reach.  Then we devise a detailed strategic plan to “pulse” out communications  in manageable, creative, targeted and well-timed bites to ensure your message cuts through the clutter. We’re experts in all mediums:

  • Print and electronic communications
  • Email campaigns
  • Electronic newsletters
  • Branded emails
  • Flash animations
  • Voicemails
  • Podcasts & webcasts

Surveys and Social Media

Pre-launch, post-event, even during the proceedings, Alignment will help you test the waters and tap into the opinions of your valued audiences or customers using the latest technologies, strategic analysis, and creative, pleasing-to-read reporting tools.


Maybe it’s your on-line business card, your home base for shared communications, or perhaps your lifeline to e-commerce worldwide… Alignment can help you design an impactful presence on the Internet with websites, blogs, micro-sites, Intranet pages and branded email links… all with strategic optimization and data collection capabilities. Above: check out a webisode Alignment produced for