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Moving the needle…

Corporate training and education is truly where the rubber meets the road for a corporation and our first priority is client satisfaction. We partner with our clients to help develop clear, attainable learning objectives, and create dynamic, interactive learning environments. Diving head-first into the project, we are with you every step of the way; from concept to execution to delivery as well as remedial programs down the road. Our dedicated and experienced staff deliver high-level strategic thinking and customized solutions.




We offer outstanding instructional design that meets your learning objectives:

  • Needs assessments and surveys
  • Curriculum development
  • Dynamic and interactive distance learning (web, print, articulate)
  • Unique on-site training activities and workshops
  • Selling cities, simulated office visits, real customer recruitment
  • Post-learning assessments and surveys
  • Fun & exciting competitive overlays to keep your learners engaged and on their toes
  • Smart use of new, cost-efficient technologies with a purpose

Alignment Media operates in a lean and flexible model, allowing us to scale up or down to provide you and your team with the depth and resources you need, only when you need it, offering considerable cost savings.

Whether it’s a print or web-accessed module, articulate or narrated PowerPoint, a drive-time CD or podcast, a live KOL Q&A or a video interview, iPad app or customized website, Alignment will partner with you to ensure that your trainees get just the right amount of content in a format that is engaging, interactive, and effective.

We truly believe learning can be fun…AND effective! We partner with you to create totally customized workshops and activities to help you achieve your training objectives…

Alignment provides you with a team of skilled and experienced training professionals. Your dedicated team (project manager, instructional designer and writer) will identify key learning objectives and then develop knowledge-based or application-based learning experiences that keep the learner engaged.

Our clients have benefited from:

  • Interactive puzzles and board games
  • New, cost-efficient technologies with a purpose (iPads, Smart Phones, etc.)
  • Impactful training videos
  • Interactive expos

Your reps travel from “office” to “office,” meeting with different “customers” and practicing their sales presentations. “Customers” then provide the rep with valuable feedback at each step of the way.

30 reps or 3,000… we scale up or down depending on your needs… we can also recruit real customers!

  • The culmination of all the workshop learning
  • Opportunity to demonstrate both skills and knowledge
  • Certifies that participants are ready to sell as soon as they return to the field
  • Realistic selling experience