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Rising from the ashes of the 2008 recession and financial meltdown, Alignment was created to offer award-winning creativity and production expertise, under a new, streamlined, low-overhead business model.

Our promise to our clients is to provide low cost (low mark-up), transparent budgeting and efficient cost control. As such, our clients understand that we will not “bid” on dozens of projects each year, wasting thousands of dollars and driving up costs. So, if you are looking to get price bids from several companies for your next event or communications program… sorry, it’s a new day and Alignment is probably not the right partner for you.

But once you’ve learned a bit about Alignment… Through a reference or a colleague or a supplier or a case study… Or typically, because you’ve worked with one of our principals in previous years… Then give us a shot and experience what it’s like to collaborate on making the most of your project using our combined talent, energy and resources.

Our mission is simply this:

  • We design and create cutting-edge, award-winning events and communications programs that rock your target audiences and delight our demanding clients.
  • We motivate and educate your audience, though world-class instructional design and a focus on interactivity, competitiveness, verbalization and adult learning principles.
  • Supported by a strong foundational strategy that’s based on your business objectives, we move and inspire your audience through great writing, sharp design and creative tactical media.
  • Our virtual office space and production studio is “in the cloud” and accessible 24/7 by our clients and teammates who come from all over the country and who work all over the world. We are in constant and immediate contact with each other, and we freely share ideas, files and resources in support of our projects.

Peter Scott, Founder

Pete has had a 33 year career in the corporate training and communications industries, mostly with large agencies based in New York City.

Pete works directly with senior leaders at global companies to build and solidify their brands, leadership teams, sales forces and businesses.